The Arts

Deccan International School
The Arts program was born of an intention to alter common perceptions about non mainstream subjects like music, dance, art or theatre with regard to their values, and their scope as a specialization or a future vocational choice.

At Deccan International School,
our students are encouraged to
discover, explore and give shape
to their individual talents.

Art enables creative expression and helps develop many skills like those of observation, perception, concentration, and a sense of proportion and scale.
It also hones a child’s ability to simplify, stay flexible and to look beyond the obvious. Learning a craft develops patience and motor skills along with enhancing creativity and lateral thinking. The pottery classes teach our students valuable lessons in expecting the unexpected and accepting outcomes that may not be to their liking.
Music Education has been proven to positively impact children’s language development and critical thinking skills. Dance helps develop strength and coordination, and students learn about expressing themselves non-verbally through the use of body language.

Every week, students devote 4 periods of forty minutes each towards learning the arts, the teaching of which is done by visiting faculty who are accomplished in their individual streams. Our students get numerous opportunities to showcase their talents through musical plays and theatre, inter and intra-school competitions and stage performances. We believe that these cultural programs are of immense value for our students as they increase their confidence and broaden their horizons of life skills. After School Programs in Art & Music are also available. At the High School level, students of the ICSE stream can opt for Art as an elective subject while students of the IGCSE can opt for Art and Design. Music Enrichment is part of the school curriculum and students of Grades 5, 6 and 7 can choose to learn any one of the following performing arts for a period of 3 years. At the end of each year of learning, students take the exams conducted by Rabindra Bharati University.

Performing Arts choices for Grades 4 to 12 :

  • Dance Forms
    Bharatnatyam Dance
    Folk Dance
  • Music – Vocal
  • Music Instrumental
  • Performing Arts