Deccan International School

Sankeerthana Kasi


I have been studying in DIS for more than 8 years now and I can truthfully say that these years have been spent with a great deal of learning and experiencing all that the school offers. If someone asked me what I learnt in Deccan, I would not be able to answer them in one sentence. DIS gives you every opportunity to learn. The teachers here are very  supportive and encouraging of every endeavour. This is the place where I first learnt that I had a love for music and the place where I discovered that sports was both enjoyable and challenging. Here is where I found out that the words “Learning” and “Fun” are actually not that different.

Yasasvini Bodda

Graduate of DIS

I had transferred to Deccan International from England at the start of 8th grade. As a transfer from a different academic environment and culture, I had expected quite rough beginning, however I was fortunate enough to find teachers who could empathise and help me ease through the slight differences between the GCSE I had studied in the UK and IGCSE I was to study at Deccan. The safe and student friendly community was what helped me forge a resilient and permanent bond with the school, which is was eventually what contributed to my academic as well as personal growth. This was the school that taught me how to be independent and seize an opportunity (either through introducing external competitions or organising large-scale events, such as Chrimata), helping me hone my interpersonal and entrepreneurship skills. Deccan is a home I would forever be grateful to in the coming years.

Jaidev Narasimha

CAIE – AS Level 

I have spent the last thirteen years in Deccan International School. It has been a place that has given me almost every good thing in my life. The teachers and faculty members have enabled me to pursue every single one of my interests- from football to Model UN. More importantly, they have done this while managing to keep my grades at a respectable level. The school also has the ability to expose every student to almost all aspects of a school life- which is what truly sets it apart in my opinion.

Shilpa Radhakrishnan

Graduate of DIS

The 3 years that I studied in DIS were the best years of my life well spent. Not only did I learn to study the right way, I was taught to enjoy it. I am currently doing my 3rd year Engineering in CSE and I owe a lot of what I am today to the school and my teachers there.

Jayavardhan K N

CAIE – AS Level 

DIS has nurtured me for 10 years now. I truly have been able to unleash my full potential. The Community Service programme at school has made me aware of my social responsibility. As I learn more day by day, not only do I become more knowledgeable but I also have a lot of fun learning.

Rahul Chinnappa

Graduate of DIS

My days in Deccan were the most memorable. It’s the only place in Bangalore that supports sports and education on equal terms.

Ms Radhika Rao

Teacher – High School

Walking down the memory lane:-
I was fortunate to join Deccan in the year of it’s inception. It gives me great pleasure to think about all the years that have rolled by. It has been amazing to watch Deccan grow in numbers, academics, and co-curricular activities.

Deccan has given me plenty of opportunities and exposure to grow along with it. ‘’Who dares to teach must never cease to learn”- says John Cotton Dana. In DIS, the teachers are given turns to attend many interesting workshops conducted by reputed organizations. These activities arm teachers with skills that help in making teaching, student centred. This makes our classes interactive and hence makes both teaching and learning more effective. To top it all, the school has a friendly management which has always encouraged the teachers in  professional development. The Dean and the Headmistress are very supportive and approachable. It is wonderful to work at DIS.

Mr Harsha

Teacher – Middle School

DIS has helped me in my professional development and personal development. DIS provides an empowering learning environment for the students. The students are encouraged to question and that helps them learn better. With professional training that the school invests in for its teachers, it equips the teachers to handle the challenges of teaching GENERATION Z and GENERATION ALPHA. If you love challenges and if you are looking out for growth then DIS is the place to be!

Dhanya Kalle

Grade X (ICSE)

Its been a journey of 10 years for me at DIS. This school has given me everything and I have developed a special bond with it. I owe a lot to this school for shaping me . DIS has helped me to realize my potential. In Deccan there exists an amazing collaboration between academics and  co-curricular activities. This school has become my second home and I shall forever cherish its memories.