Deccan International School
We believe that physical education goes hand in hand with academic learning in the development of a child’s over-all personality. Sports, games and physical activity play an integral role in the lives of young people by going beyond simple recreation, to impart valuable lessons in team spirit, perseverance, integrity and leadership. Sports, also leads to :

increased health and fitness
levels and builds self-esteem,
aiding the all-round growth
and wellbeing of the child.

Deccan International School provides a well-planned and highly structured sports program that offers our students opportunities to participate and aim for their personal best in a wide variety of games and sports activities. This scientifically developed program that starts from Grade 1 is designed in such a way that students desirous of pursuing sports as a career option may select Physical Education as a subject of study in ICSE or IGCSE at Grade 9 or 11. Students play Football, Volleyball, Throwball, Basketball, Kho-Kho and learn track and field sports as well. Swimming and Judo also form part of their curriculum. The school also has a water polo team representing the school at various levels. A comprehensive After School Program in sports has been established to help the children of the school to excel in the sport of their own choice apart from their regular academic curriculum.