Social Action

Deccan International School
Deccan International School strives towards enriching the formative years in every student’s life by instilling the values of self-respect, responsibility and regard towards one and all. Our students participate in activities both within and outside the school that help develop their sense of empathy and awareness of the world around them.

Students of Grades 9 to 12 (IGCSE) spend 40 minutes a week at The Ashram School interacting with students of Grades 5, 6 and differently abled students. They create awareness about personal hygiene, the environment and cultural diversity along with academics related topics. Our students feel a great sense of satisfaction and responsibility towards the children and the experience has changed their perspective on many issues. The Social Awareness Club provided a platform for students to discuss the ills of child labour as well as environmental issues, especially water management. Before leaving for home at the end of each day, students would empty their water bottles into large buckets. This water would be reused to clean the floor or to water a part of the garden.

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A set of students would oversee the activity and record the volume of water collected each day. Speakers were invited to give talks on environment related issues and social media safety. Students of Grade 10 spent time with the elderly at an old age home. They visited the home bearing gifts and put up an entertainment program for the residents there. Our students also visited an organization that provides vocational training to the physically challenged. The students of Deccan International School interacted with the trainees to gain a better understanding of their thoughts and concerns.

Through positive social
action, our students discover
the valuable role they can
play in the enrichment of
their community.