Senior School

Grade 11 & Grade 12

The focus is on giving students a

strong academic background which

will prepare them for the challenges

and rigors of University education.

The Senior School for Grade 11 & Grade 12 offers offers students a choice of the ISC curriculum (CISCE, New Delhi) and the AS and A Levels of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE, UK) Through classroom discussions and research based projects, students imbibe skills like critical thinking and reasoning. Events like Debate, MUN and Science Seminars teach them to present reasoned explanations, while understanding implications and communicating them logically and clearly. 

Through a rigorous process of structured assessments and exams, students gain confidence to appear for their board exams. An integral part of the Senior School program is the development of language skills. Students have many opportunities to build on the same, whether through interviewing personalities for the school magazine or writing reports for the newsletter.

Strong emphasis is also placed on social service which moulds students into responsible citizens who can contribute to society. A mandatory community service program involves students in activities like educating the underprivileged and working with physically and mentally challenged children, senior citizens etc.

Being part of the Student Council promotes leadership qualities which come naturally to them as the senior most students of the school. Students are also a part of various committees like that of Deccan Post, Deccan News, Discipline and Sports where they contribute positively as active members. 

As part of the Interact club of Rotary, students involve themselves in activities like Career Counselling, conducting medical check-up camps, etc. As a compulsory component of their schooling, Theatre helps them evolve as individuals comfortable with expressing themselves and in the process builds emotional intelligence and confidence.

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