Middle School

Grade 5 to Grade 7

We engage a range of tools in and out of the
classroom in order to connect with our
students’ individual learning styles such as
auditory, linguistic, visual or experiential.

In the Middle School years of Grades 5 to 7 the focus is not merely on acquiring knowledge but on developing the capacity for lifelong learning, where students take a proactive role in their own learning and approach it with confidence.

As part of the curriculum for Grades 4 onwards, 40 minutes a week is set aside for Prayoga – an initiative to instill a scientific temper in students, through hands-on, Science and Math experiments in the lab. The students participate in Inter and Intra school competitions that test their mettle in literacy, numeracy, sports, general knowledge, art, music and other domains. Students showcase their talents by putting up musical plays in English and Kannada, dances from around the world and assembly programs highlighting famous personalities, scientific experiments and news briefs. Music Enrichment classes are held twice a week for students to explore their musical talents, while Yoga classes help them develop concentration and reduce anxiety. Sporting events help students aim for their personal best and develop skills related to rules and strategy. Students may also opt for swimming lessons as a co-curricular activity.

Through these years, students make huge strides in areas of cognitive development such as logic and abstract thinking and make the transition from learning basic skills to being able to apply these skills to more complex learning. Socially too, they become more self-aware and begin to develop a view of the world and their place in it. Involvement in activities like social service, cultural programs and school trips, help our students get valuable opportunities to learn about their strengths, work as a team, accomplish goals and make new friends. It also offers them chances to explore how theknowledge they had learned in other contexts can be applied to new situations. Students of Grades 5 & 7 went on day trips to Namadachilame and Savanadurga respectively while students of Grade 7 went on their first overnight trip to Coorg where they learnt about heritage, culture and nature. Adventure treks, rappelling and zip lining also added a thrill to the trips.