Leadership Team

Deccan International School

Mrs. Usha Devi V


Learning is not the product of teaching but the product of the activity of learners. Passion towards building a lively learning platform for young learners urged her into the field of education. A journey of 25 years in this field has seen her in some of the reputed schools both at Bangalore and at Hyderabad. Qualification in Science and Education and a Masters in Psychology have braced her efforts in building a qualitative approach in learning.

She has led faculty teams of both the national and international curricula guiding them closely to equip themselves with the right tools to achieve their goals. Strengthening a teacher as her focus has facilitated a strong teacher training program in different schools that she has worked with. Standardising the assessment and developing strategies to work with heterogeneous groups, streamlining and strengthening the academic program to bring forth a blend of the best of different curricula have been her significant contributions in this field.

She strongly believes that children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves. Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. A well – equipped faculty with a passion to share and explore is what is required to cater to the young minds of today. Her efforts in bridging the curriculum and the learner with the right blend of innovative strategies in learning has seen gratifying results in our students.

Her key strengths are her interpersonal skills, her strong sense of responsibility, open-mindedness and loyalty to her work and her students.


Mrs. Deepika Jayagopal

Vice Principal

Mrs. Deepika Jayagopal has been at Deccan International School for the past 16 years as a parent, teacher, Middle School Coordinator and Cambridge Coordinator. She currently manages the functioning of the Cambridge International curriculum for grades 6 to 12 at DIS. Ms. Jayagopal graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from Washington State University, USA. After a brief stint in a research lab, she decided to take up teaching, armed with a B. Ed and Cambridge International Diploma in Teacher Training. In alignment with the DIS vision, Ms. Jayagopal has facilitated community outreach programs and various other activities to enhance holistic development of children. A teacher first, Ms. Jayagopal has taught English, Biology and Environmental Management. She firmly believes that the most important lesson for a student is to learn how to learn. This can be achieved by employing novel, interactive teaching methods. Partnering with parents to provide a secure, nurturing environment to the students is a critical aspect in her approach to help them face challenges unique to their generation in an emerging world of rapid change and increasing complexity.