Leadership Programs

Deccan International School

We encourage our students
at Deccan International School
to discover the innate leader
in themselves.

Beyond the more formal roles of leadership like the Student Council, there are many occasions for students to display and develop leadership qualities. Amongst others, students could exercise leadership through responsibility in the classroom, commitment and teamwork on the playground, public speaking at school assemblies and taking initiative in cultural and community programs. On a rotation basis, students are made class leaders responsible for discipline, academic and other class related issues.

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This way, each student is given an opportunity to adopt leadership positions. Theatre workshops conducted by the Yours Truly Theatre company, through team activities, bring to the fore attributes of good leadership while Interact club activities and workshops on leadership expose students to various skills. A fair and transparent election is held to elect a School Captain and School Vice-Captain, Sports Captain and Sports Vice-Captain, House Captains and House Vice-Captains. Students from Grade 6 and above, through a secret ballot get to elect their leaders. Candidates are given time to campaign and canvass for elections. The elected leaders are formally inducted into the Student Council at the Investiture ceremony. Apart from the elected members of Grades 9 and 10, nominated students from Grade 8 are also part of the Student Council as Prefects.