Junior School

Grade 1 to Grade 5

We believe in supporting our students’ development across spheres – whether academic, creative, physical or social.

The Junior School program at Deccan International School equips our students from Grades 1 to 5 with a framework of basic skills that will form a strong foundation for their future learning. Activities in the classroom revolve around a curriculum that is theme based. A Reading Week is organized to enhance vocabulary, reading, speaking and listening skills. Students also learn to use creative thought and express themselves more clearly through writing activities like poetry and story writing. Our core curriculum is enriched with P.E., Art, Music, Dance and Theatre Enhancement and our Junior School section has specialist teachers to develop these skills. Physical education is tailor made to develop students’ physical strength and gross motor skills, while fine motor skills, control and coordination are significantly refined through activities like handwriting, art and craft, learning a dance form or a musical instrument. Nutrition Week and interactions with parents create awareness on the values of a healthy and balanced diet. School outings and day trips, along with honing social skills, provide our enthusiastic learners with hands-on experiences that serve to enhance their understanding and help them make connections with many lessons learned at school. An assessment of students’ skills  occurs as an ongoing process in a stress free environment.They  do not write examinations but take part in regular quizzes conducted on the curriculum.