High School

Grade 8 to Grade 10

We offer our students an agile and relevant curriculum, diverse programs and a strong sense of community.

The High School Program is designed to assist the students of Grades 8 to 10 with learning strategies and life skills that help them grow to be capable, confident and future ready.

High School is a period of rapid change for our students and signals the transition they are making from childhood into young adulthood. It is also a time for broadening one’s horizons, accepting increased responsibility and forging new skills. An eclectic mix of various teaching-learning approaches help our students develop skills of independent thinking, self-direction and goal setting. We offer students co-operative learning situations that encourage them to work in groups and help each other, as well as exercises that develop their ability to innovate and adapt to change and healthy competition. The Educomp Smartclass is used regularly for audio-visual learning and through guided project work, students learn self-study, organization and presentation skills.

At this vital time when students are developing their sense of independence, identity and values, our faculty plays a key role in creating an atmosphere of peace and non-violence in school. Ongoing activities that provide our students with opportunities to be involved with their peers and the community help build confidence and encourage positive social relationships. The emotional needs and issues unique to young adolescents are addressed through talks delivered by experts and theatre workshops. Teenagers learn to channelize their high levels of energy through structured physical exercises, yoga and various sports. Aptitude in all fields is nurtured through various Inter and Intra-school competitions. We focus on personal growth by respecting each child’s individuality and celebrating his or her achievements. The High School students at Deccan International School are offered a choice of curricula.  Before entering Grade 9, they will be able to choose either the ICSE or the Cambridge IGCSE stream. Unit tests held through the year are a check point to assess learning. Answering the Term exam and Annual exam helps students overcome the fear of the board examinations. Career counsellors help our high school students become aware of the vast opportunities that await them and guide them in identifying their interests.