Deccan International School

Plants and greenery outside
complement the airy and well-lit
classrooms to create a tranquil
yet invigorating atmosphere.

Deccan International School is a co-educational school, centrally located in South Bengaluru. Designed with a view of providing a host of facilities, both academic and co-curricular under one roof, our school’s buildings and open spaces extend over multi levels through an expansive 10 acre campus.

A spacious lobby at the entrance adjoins the Office and the Dean’s Chamber. A level up from the main school building is an open ground with a large stage where the morning-prayer sessions and assemblies are conducted.

School events and functions are also held here with a large parking area for private vehicles located at Gate-3. The Early Years wing has a central lawn and garden and a large sand pit with ample room for children of one class to play in at a time. Every classroom from Grade 1 onwards is equipped with the Educomp SmartClass for effective audio-visual learning while an Audio-Visual Room is available for larger groups. We have well-equipped Science, Computer and Math laboratories and a vast library, which is a treasure trove of a rich collection of reference and story books for all ages. The Yoga Room is a serene, spacious room in which our students practise Yoga. The Activity Room supports explorative learning through the use of learning aids and is also a venue for competitions and lectures. Our campus includes a football ground, basketball and volleyball courts, and swimming pool facilities at the Nettakallappa Aquatic Centre.

Early Years

Main Campus

Campus with the Play Area

Football and Athletics Ground


Main Campus

Computer Lab

Chemistry Lab


Swimming Pool