An Educational Trip to NASA


Soaking in the grandeur of Washington DC, the frenetic pace of NY City, the marshes of Florida and the glitzy, gleaming liners in Miami; 22 students of DIS had a summer they would not forget.

The school trip to USA was planned around a 3 day Astronaut Training Program at Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Our students vicariously experienced the thrill of a successful space launch, conducted experiments and landed safely.  Roller coaster rides, simulator rides, music shows made the Magic Kingdom experience truly magical.

Collateral learning in terms of taking care of themselves, their belongings, passports, foreign currency not to mention team work, far exceeded educational goals. As an accompanying teacher I have come away with good memories of the trip and am proud of my students.

~Deepika Jayagopal

Middle School Coordinator



  1. On 20th April 2017, we, a group of 20 students of Deccan International school, ranging from grade 8-11, embarked on the space trek trip, to have the time of our lives away from our parents, in America—land of the free, for 10 days.
    The main attraction of this trip was, as the name suggests, the 3 days we spent at the Kennedy Space Centre(KSC) in Florida.
    Day 1 at KSC:
    We went around, learning about the history of certain shuttles; there was a movie in which the screen was spread on all four sides of us and at one point the screens lifted to behold the real Atlantis shuttle. we even had a short simulation of a shuttle launch. The most special thing that day was having lunch with an astronaut. The lunch was very fancy and delicious, as was the dessert. After our lunch was over, came in John-David Bartoe—astrophysicist and research manager of ISS at NASA. He was very polite and answered everyone’s questions. At KSC, we even met a real robot—his name was Robonaut, and according to it, “his friends called him Robonaut”. He fist-bumped, high-fived and posed for selfies and pictures.
    Day 2 at KSC:
    The next day, we went to the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) center. We met our trainers, George and Beth. We started off the day by interacting with astronaut Bob Springer, asking him about his experience in space and even questions related to missions. Then started off our training. We saw a life-size model of the Atlantis’s nose, including the inside with all the buttons and levers. We had a simulation of landing the shuttle in pairs—one was the pilot and one was the commander; there were also scores to see how well we did it. Soon after this was a simulation of an actual mission—the students who scored the best points landing were made the pilot and the commander, and the rest of us were given our roles randomly. We were given scripts, and it felt like we were actually scientists and engineers. The pilot, commander and mission specialists were actually aboard the model Atlantis, pushing real buttons and performing experiments. There was also mission control experts, who were able to see the flight crew and the actual information about launch and landing. It was a very real experience. After this, we had a real experience of a capsule falling to earth, like a roller coaster, spinning round and round, changing direction constantly. We were all tied up; it was so fun, we wanted to go again. Next up was the simulation of a spacewalk. Our weight was measured, and after climbing up a ladder, at the very top, the trainers connected our harness to our weights and we were practically weightless. We were floating about and it was an awesome experience. After all these activities, we graduated—the trainers handed us certificates and autographed photos of Bob Springer.
    Day 3 at KSC:
    This day included a guided bus tour of the entire KSC. We visited different buildings and areas such as the viewing posts of launches, launch pads and the Vehicle Assembly Building. Along with this, the tour guide answered our questions and told us fun facts about each area. Once the tour was over, they dropped us back at KSC. This was the end of our experience at Kennedy Space Centre.
    The other activities in Florida included a visit to the Universal Studios Theme park, Disney World and Miami beach. On 28th April, we headed to the park where we split – one group went to Universal Studios, where we brought out the movie fans in us by going on themed rides, shops and areas; the other group went to the Island of Adventure, where they tested their courage on many frightening rides. The themed rides included Harry Potter, the Minions, the Mummy, Transformers and many more; the adventure rides included roller coasters that did loops in midair.
    For the next day was scheduled a magical day at Disney World, where our dreams did come true (but sadly we were hit in the face with reality because of the traffic). We enjoyed the whole day in different rides, shops and shows. The next day we spent about an hour having fun at Miami beach. We also did a lot of shopping in Florida, in different malls.
    Washington DC and New York
    While Florida was warm and sunny, the same could not be said about Washington and New York. We had a guided city tour of each city. In Washington, we visited the Capitol Building, the Washington Monument, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial. We also visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, where we learnt a lot. The next stop was a very special place—the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory, where we went on a ride and saw how the delicious chocolates were made from scratch. The air was filled with the aroma of sweetness. Many of us bought tons of chocolates and souvenirs to remember this place. In New York, the first thing we did after seeing the skyline was visit the Statue of Liberty.
    We went to the island on a ferry. On reaching, we saw the Lady Liberty, full of majesty. We took many photos. There were also little shops and cafes on the island. After this we picked up our guide and went to places such as the Brooklyn Bridge, the United Nations Headquarters, Central Park, China Town, the 9/11 memorial, where the guide told us about the history, importance and specialty of these places. After our tour, we went to the One World Observatory, on the 102nd floor, from where we saw the vast expense of New York City. We could even see the Statue of Liberty, looking so tiny from such a distance. Next stop was Times Square, where we had an hour to explore all by ourselves. There were shops, billboards and even a few shows going on. It felt so good to good to be in the famous Times Square. This was the end of our stay in New York.
    All in all, we enjoyed greatly on this trip and we gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I’m sure this is unforgettable for everyone.

    ~Rashi Goel
    9 IG

  2. The international trip held by Deccan International School and Crazy Holidays to the East Coast of the United States of America was a truly amazing and incredible experience indeed! We roamed the key cities in the US, including New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Orlando, etc. We all relished the enormous monuments like the Statue of Liberty, and such. But, the thing of our paramount importance was — food! We savoured the various cookeries of the West as well as the East. All in all, this trip was very magnificent!

    ~Amogh A Thondavadi


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