The Most Effective Study Tips!

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Exams are fast approaching! Studying for exams is dreaded and feared by most. Here are the top study tips to equip yourself with to make studying much easier!

  • First, pick a distraction-free, comfortable and quiet place to study.
  • Study a little bit every day from the beginning to avoid last minute cramming. Believe me, studying just the night before the exam is not enough!
  • Make mind maps, flash cards and notes consisting of all important points and definition of a chapter.

Honestly, just reading a science lesson like a story may not help you remember all the points during the exam!

  • Take small breaks of five minutes every thirty minutes  while studying to help your mind refresh and register what you’ve learnt
  • Make study goals for each day to stay organized and stress-free. ’

 ~Shraddha S Pai


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