The key to her past

She kept running , she couldn’t look back now, she wouldn’t.

Dragging her veil through the rain swept streets she promised herself she would never go back there, after all that had happened , how could she?

 “Pull yourself together “she said to herself.

Now was not the time to let her thoughts dwindle and swim amongst all her memories, everything she left behind.

 The howling wind carved her path, she moved the way the wind did , following its path. When the howling stopped so did she.

 A house? No  A tiny hut , windows broken , weeds growing everywhere , abandoned from the looks of it . But all she could think of it was a place to dry off a place to stay safe .

 “CREEEAK” she stepped in cautiously .

The whole hut was empty, there was nothing in any corner and even if there was she probably couldn’t see it.

Dusty white ( or so she thought ) curtains draped the broken windows . “ What must’ve happened here “ she thought to herself.

And then she saw it,she saw it in the middle of the room.

 A lit candle and a box , a small box with a black ribbon on it.

Hesitating , she opened it.

She gasped.

 A ring , that ring , she hadn’t seen it in years .

She picked it up, held it between her fingers and stared at it . Startled .

“How could this end up here?”

She felt something new , something different .

She flipped over the ring .

“Ella” it read. Ella , her name , engraved on to THIS ring . This wasn’t there before .

Where would someone have dug this up from . Someone .

She was being followed. Someone knew .

  [ part 1 of the narrative series by ………]

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