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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 



I Have forgotten the web address for SLG !


I was unable to login to SLG as I have forgotten my login /password!

- SLG login credentials was sent to your E’mail ID earlier. In case if you have not received it or you have deleted it, kindly send an email to We will resend your login and password.

My Login/Password are correct but I am unable to login to SLG!

- a) If you using Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer 8  (with updates) and above should be used.

i) Delete temporary internet files & cookies : 

Procedure to delete temporary internet files  :  Go to Internet Options – General – (Check/Tick) Delete Browsing History on exit – Select Delete and Enable (Check) all the options – Select Delete – Apply and Ok.  

ii)  Place \\ before the username (example:\\ in the Authentication required box of If you are using Mozilla Firefox version 43 and above, you need not place \\ before the user name.        

I was unable to login to SLG but did not know where to look for Report Card!

- Once you have logged into SLG website, Click on Parent Tab – My Children Dashboard -Scroll Down (Come down in the same page) – Click on View Report – Click on Academic Year 2015/2016.

When I click on View reports it says -Information is not available

- You may get “information is not available” if you do not clear browser temporary files,cache files, website data and cookies

I am not getting an option to change the SLG password!

- Once you log into SLG website, under click on Parent Tab – My Account Page – Change My User Account Password (Minimum 5 character including alphanumeric characters)

I want to change my SLG login name

- Since SLG User ID’s are system generated you cannot change it.