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I’m sure most of us looked at the black dot and not the white background .White is more than black! Isn’t it?

 It’s the same with all our lives no matter what amount of good deeds we do one single mistake or a wrong deed of us covers up all the positivity. That is the power of a single mistake, a single black dot.

 But, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t commit mistakes! It’s just about the intentions behind our mistakes. And if we are innocent and commit a mistake without any bad intentions then the thing that should change is people’s mentality and their view of seeing you.

So, don’t be disheartened when you are being criticised for your mistakes as you know your intentions if it’s right or wrong. Mistakes are what makes us a better person. And criticism is what makes us stronger. So, consider every experience good or bad as a lesson and learn from it.

~Charvi Devprakash

AS Level

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