Growing Up

He could not perceive when the trees were green
For he adored the night and the things akin
His little hands as fragile as glass
Waved, side-to-side, signalling good-bye, over the bawling mass.
“Oh! Mother when will I see you again?”, he had asked
“Very soon, dear one, very soon”, she had assured
Hanging onto his mother’s last words
He ran, watery-eyed, into the dimly-lit woods.
Thoughts strewed just like the dried tawny leaves around,
Freakish and obscure sensations beginning  to take common ground-
The darkness more than anything augmented fear..
All that he wished now, was to see clear.
Even the slightest rays of hope seemed to have vanished
And right now, he felt as though he was banished
Any notion in his mind was as obstinate as the things that surrounded him
Apart from his mother’s soothing voice that resonated from within
With every step mounted fear,
It was very clear to never come again here
Despite the murk, he pushed on, frantically, for hours
But nothing was as stupendous as the blooming of flowers-
Patience gifted him better sight
As he came to a clearing, illuminated by the moon’s light
Two gravelled paths, at the edge of the clearing, trailed off into the forest
He now had to make a decision at the earliest
Choosing the right one, he continued deeper into the woods
The path twisted and turned like a snake, in haphazard manners
Until it straightened out at a rocky cliff that had no caution banners
Gushing water reached his ears
He bent down to see it while wiping away his tears
Crystal clear water glistened in the white light
Slowly melting away his fright
Turning back, positive, he was determined to find another path to follow
When suddenly someone pushed him back into the depths below
The moon’s slivery-light, at that instant, intensified
Revealing the figure’s face that made him petrified
Bewildered!!out of all the people, he saw his mother’s face,
Withering away in torment and disgrace.
Nitin R Shankar 

A Level

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