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1. I have keys but no locks. I have space but no room. You can enter but can’t go outside. What am I?
2. I can only live when there is light, but I die when the light shines on me. Who am I ?
3. What flies when it’s born, lies when it’s alive, and runs when it’s dead ?
4. Every night I’m told what to do, and each morning I do what I’m told. But I still don’t escape your scold.
5. Give me food, I’ll live and give me water, I’ll die.
6. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment and not a single time in a thousand years.
7. We hurt without moving. We poison without touching. We bear the truths and lies. We are not judged by our size. What are we?
8. I’m always there, some distance away. Somewhere between land, sea or sky I lay. You may move towards me, yet distant I stay.
9. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?
10. If you have it and show it to everyone, I’m gone. What am I?
Key :1.   A keyboard     2.  A shadow  3.  A snow flake 4.  An alarm clock 5.  A fire6.   The letter M 7.  Words 8. A horizon 9.   A fingerprint 10.  A secret
compiled by Aprameya As Level

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