Originating from the pristine pure glaciers, like the ones at Himalayas,
he begins his journey, eagerly awaiting all excitement.
The only guide is the sparkling clear waters
on the banks either side, taking joy in his windings.
He rushes across the lands with vigour no one’s ever seen,
powerful even more than the world’s mightiest machines.
But unfortunate it is to see his innocent transparency
being influenced by desires he’s fed from polluted tributaries.
Fishes begin to die, flowers shrivel and wither,
animals and birds choke on drinking even a drop of his water.
He becomes unwanted, owing to his desires,
reeking of self-centred egocentric actions, repulsing everyone around him.
His ego, now the motivational drive behind his actions,
he floods neighbouring lands, looting even the needs of others survival.
Devastating lands with pride and self-satisfaction,
he never realises the consequences of his actions.
But as he reaches the deltas, the mouth of the river waters,
he struggles, panics and tries everything to stop time from passing.
That’s when he realises, meaningless were his desires.
recollecting the tranquil pools of water, he mocked and jeered and laughed at.
It’s too late now, he understands, as he repents for all his actions,
inflicting such agonising pain on the numerous innocent creatures.
But in these last moments, he attains a sense of calmness,
dissolving into the vastness as he relinquishes all his desires.
~Gurusankar K
A Level

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