Deccan Fifa Fest

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JUNE 2018: Students of Deccan International have found a new obsession in recent weeks: football! With the launch of the Football World Cup season the students have been practicing feverishly for weeks for the DECCAN FIFA FEST conducted today.

This unique event allowed 60 high school football champions from Grade 8 till Grade 12 including AS & A level students to play against each other in a competitive match and indulge in the spirit of FIFA season!

The participating boys team included Spain, Argentina, Germany and Brazil and from the girls side were teams U.S.A and England. After a boisterous semi-final and final match Team Germany and England were declared as winners!

The enraptured audience including teachers were also given chance to join the fun by participating in the mini games including dribbling, juggling and blind fold penalty shooting!

 Deccan International is committed to foster skill development through sports and in a step to nurture the budding football talents, the Deccan Fifa fest was held at school premises.

~Ms. Ambica Suresh - Beyond Curriculum coordinator


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