Deccan International School

Crescendo 2018 – Gr 4 & 5 held on 3rd November 2018

For the first time in the history of DIS junior school students put up an orchestra! Comprising of 18 students which included 10 singers, 2 veena players, children performed Tulsi Das Bhajan invoking Lord Ganesha. 

Audience were then enthralled to witness ‘The Mystic North East’ an authentic Nagaland folk dance performance set to instrumental music. A laudable presentation to the evergreen classic ‘Peter Pan’ followed next wherein the kids staged all their favourite fictional characters!

The program ‘Seasons’ saw the children portraying all the four seasons with colourful costumes  and props. And ‘Electric Express’ bought the stage to life with hand painted neon apparel and UV ray lights!

As the custom of DIS another dance drama followed, the mythical ‘Krishna Leela’ was brought to life and the parents were presented with a visual treat which left them mesmerized.

Crescendo 2018 – Gr 6 & above held on 3rd November 2018

The highlight of Crescendo is always the ‘Live Orchestra’. This year a stupendous 74 member team which comprised of 27 singers created a mellifluous symphony with their original composition, film score and cover version of both Carnatic and western music!

The students also performed the dramatic adaptation of the much loved Walt Disney classic ‘Hercules’.

High school & Senior students performed the awe inspiring ‘Jagat Janani’. Encompassing all the 64 forms of Devi Shakti, a strong message on women empowerment came forth the performance.

Students also performed the traditional Goan and Kashmiri Folk dance and rounded it off with contemporary dance performance to the latest pop hits!

Crescendo 2018 – Gr 1, 2 & 3 held on 2nd November 2018

The program began with a graceful khathak performance, followed by a jump into the fantasy land of Chocoland.

DIS believes in the policy of exposing students to varied folk art forms through its cultural programs. True to its motto students moved dreamily in ‘Drishya Keralam’, highlighting various facets of Kerala and also performed the Bengali folk dance ‘Sadher Lau’.

It was then time for the little Smurfs to come on board from their magical mushrooms and giant flowers. It was variety galore with the junior children when they performed the mesmerizing ‘Salaam India’ an ode to fan dance, children synchronized beautifully with their sequined fans to create wonderful figures.

Tiny tots also grooved to the energetic beat in ‘Dream Big’ and created mesmeric choreography on roller skates in ‘Dancing on Wheels’.

As a fit to the grand finale students put up an electrifying performance of ‘Shiv Thandav’ or dance of Shiva defying their age; proving talent indeed has no age limit!

Bangalore Model United Nations 2018

Bangalore Model United Nations , a Global conference, held on 29th, 30th and 31st October 2018 where our students participation was laudable .They were winners for maximum number of awards in the many committees and the overall achievement as ‘delegation award for Iran’ was the highlight of the conference.
Bangalore Model United Nations 2018

BOAT – 2018

Fantastic! Deccan International School bags the first prize in the prestigious Bangalore One Act Theatre Festival 2018 – BOAT ! Students of DIS staged ‘The Struggling Roots’. The play directed by Ms. Archana was based on the theme ‘home’ and was performed in front of theatre lovers this weekend.

The 15-minute-long play featured 13 students between Grades VI to IX. Congrats students!